New inventions can come with problems as well as advantages. Once unleashed into the world, they cannot be uninvented. If we had only known, for example, the results of plastic in the oceans and general environment, we would not have welcomed it so easily. Now we have to try to undo the damage it has done. It is very difficult not to use plastic, although many of us are now trying to do so wherever possible.

Likewise with many inventions; the recent problems at Gatwick Airport in the UK demonstrate how things can be used for good or for evil, sometimes accidentally, sometimes not. A drone in itself is not a bad thing, but people do not use things in a kind way necessarily. There will always be somebody who wants to spoil or damage people or the earth. It has been the same since time began.

We all know that the internet is another instance of something which is so useful, but also damaging to many people.

No doubt our ancestors didn’t know any more in advance than we know now . We just welcome a breakthrough in something new, but what a Pandora’s Box we have opened in so many ways.

Let us hope, as the year ends, that inventions are only used for good, and not to help terrorists and others in their selfish ways.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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