Well my friends, my good intentions at the New Year have come to nought! I had hoped to write more posts this year, but time has not allowed. I am caring for my husband, and time is very limited. Apart from caring duties, this year I seem to have had a lot more administration tasks, on the phone constantly, usually to do with medical matters, and there have been many frustrations. Still, we have much to be thankful for, and I sincerely hope you are all staying safe and well with this terrible situation around the world.

As I look out at our back garden, which is rather overgrown but still bursting with spring life, and the

peony with raindrops
Peony on a rainy morning

sky is blue, the sun is shining, it’s hard to think of all the people suffering. It seems like a horror movie, and my heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones and others whose nearest and dearest are in hospital fighting for their lives. Who would have thought it, and after a year which started with floods in places and bush fires in Australia. Is there more to come, we wonder?

For some people who are isolated, it must be hard for them to keep their spirits up, especially with the unremitting news on all aspects of media, so I beg you to turn off the news sometimes and listen to music, read a good book, watch a comedy show or whatever you can to alleviate the gloom around the world. Here we’re still allowed out for some exercise once a day, which I use to take my dog Tarka for a walk. It’s fairly easy in our village to avoid other people, just by crossing the road, or going into a park nearby. For others, not so easy, but it’s important to keep exercising even if it’s indoors.


My thoughts are with you all. Keep smiling and sometime we will come out the other side of this.

9 thoughts on “Keeping your spirits up

  1. Hope You and Your husband are Well, my Dear Chris. Going thro my ‘reader,’ came across this post again! …Notice that my sentences are very short. It is becoming a habit with me. …Much Love and Regards, and All the Best once again. 🙂

  2. Thanks for today’s inspiration. I did however quickly browse the news before WordPress …, big mistake as like yesterday, just more bad news. Very important to take in good, positive, happier thoughts and inspiring stories everyday. Happy Weekend 🙏☀️

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more …. TURN THE DAMN NEWS OFF! They speak nothing but death and fear! We are in very trying times yet we ALL have to learn to become self-dependent and to create our lives according to what we want. However, the majority have been brainwashed into believing they have to be told what to do and how to live their life AND to listen to those who are “experts”. Sorry. I come from a generation which groomed me to think outside of the box in order to live my life without anyone and I mean anyone telling me how. And the fear today? Infantile to which I refuse to tie into. We are LOVE ….. and that, Chris, is what the masses have to learn before things quiet down. All the best with your husband. I KNOW what medicine is like these days ….. God bless you on your journey!

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