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A Chance to Take some Photos

In recent times, I’ve had little opportunity to take the camera out, but at the end of May we managed to have a five-night cruise over to France and up the River Seine. MIst rising on River Seine2

The first morning, we awoke to this view. While it was a shame not to be able to see much, I felt that the view was quite atmospheric. Also we were in luck as the mist cleared quite soon in the morning.shrine to Joan of Arc2.jpg

The shrine is to the memory of St Joan of Arc in Rouen. Everywhere we looked there were memorials to her, from the shrine to a church and a museum. We also had a good look at the Cathedral in Rouen, which Monet loved to paint. He evidently painted it about 30 times.

The ship was moored for 2 nights at Rouen, before sailing back down to the coast to our other destination – Honfleur. This is a very pretty port, much loved by impressionist painters. Before we arrived there we enjoyed the views of the banks of the Seine from the ship.


It was soon back to reality, but we had enjoyed our break. For us it’s the only way we can travel now, transport directly from home to the port – Southampton – help for Mike to embark, and once settled in, he didn’t need to go ashore if his pain levels were too high. He needed to  rest for the second day in Rouen. We didn’t go ashore at all that day, so I managed a short swim in the swimming pool on board.

National Health Service in Britain

Even I find it hard to believe that it’s over 4 months since I wrote a blog post. Time certainly travels very quickly and my writing and photography have not been used much. I’ve managed to write a short article and have some others in the pipeline, but progress is slow. Too many other things I have to do.

There is much in the press at the moment about the NHS, as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. I can remember, just, the days before it came into being. In fact, I was a patient before it started, but have no idea how any consultations or treatment was paid for by my parents.

When Mike, my husband, and I visited Poole Hospital at the end of last year many of those memories came back to me. This was mainly because, in the hours we spent there, I had time to peruse photographs on the wall, telling of the early days in that hospital. How old-fashioned the nurses looked compared to how they are dressed now. There were photographs of the children’s ward in the early 1950s – obviously by this time run by the NHS. I studied them well in case I should find myself in one of them, but no. I was an out-patient from about 1948 onward, for the next 15 years, and a few times since. I was also an in-patient on at least two occasions, once for surgery and once for observation and tests. Strangely, I liked being there; the nurses were lovely and caring, and the doctors and other staff. I had my own make-believe uniform and stethoscope, and used to follow nurses around the ward.

One bad memory of my time in the hospital exists. When I was due to go for surgery, a young nurse gave me a cup of tea. I had no idea that I was ‘nil by mouth’ and drank it. When it was discovered, I needed my stomach pumped – not a pleasant experience. I just hope the poor nurse was not in too much trouble for an innocent mistake. The other thing which I didn’t enjoy was the smell of the rubber mask as I was being anaesthetised.

Later I returned to the hospital to work there, which I did for 7 years before moving to another part of the UK.

How the NHS has changed over the years. Their medical expertise means that more of us live longer, plus there are so many people in our country. Every aspect of the NHS is under pressure; let’s hope it can survive and thrive, and we should all do our bit to not exploit it in any way and not demand too much of it.

There are certain things which can trigger memories, even sometimes in dementia patients. Things such as aromas and melodies, but especially photographs. These days we often take photographs for creative reasons, but in those days, it was more snapshots of the time. Maybe we should all take more snapshots of our time here, for future generations to be able to see how things were in our days.


Tarka and the Daffodils

Sometimes our pets give us a real scare. This happened recently with Tarka.Tarka

I had a bunch of daffodils in a vase – one of the first signs of spring I hoped! daffodils wpWhen the daffodils were past their best, I threw them into a bag which I placed on our patio ready to take to the local tip when next we were that way.

While I was busy one Saturday preparing lunch, Mike informed me that Tarka had taken the daffodils out of the bag and was eating them. I knew that daffodil bulbs are poisonous to dogs, but I wasn’t sure about the flowers and stalks. Sure enough, within minutes Tarka was throwing up – 5 times in all, with froth making up the most part. I phoned the veterinary surgery, which was by this time closed for the weekend, but thankfully they provided an emergency number. I phoned this number and was advised that all they would do in these circumstances would be to make her sick, which she’d done herself. The vet advised me to watch over her to make sure she was okay. She stressed that it would have been far more serious if it had been the bulbs, but I knew it wasn’t. It really scared me though, and any further cut flowers are now kept firmly out of her reach. Strange that she is not at all interested in the daffodils growing in the garden as that would be a big problem. I was impressed that the vet phoned me back that evening to check that all was well.

Christmas Alphabet : R for Roy Orbison (Pretty Paper)

I love this post about the song Pretty Paper. It has a wonderful story.

The Immortal Jukebox

London 1963.

Roy Orbison was far from his Texas Home and assailed by a raging fever.

He was in Britain following a successful tour supported by a new Beat Group, The Beatles, who really seemed to be tearing up the place.

They were nice guys.

Every night they stood on the side of the stage to watch Roy – open mouthed as he effortlessly hit operatic notes and held the crowd, frantic when they’d performed, spellbound without moving a muscle.

Though the thermometer showed 102 and rising Roy had a job to do.

His producer and mentor Fred Foster had found a Christmas song from a fellow Texan, Willie Nelson, called, ‘Pretty Paper’ that might just give Roy another big fat hit.

No one could write a better heart tugging song than Willie and damn sure No One, absolutely No One, could sing such a song to rival The Big…

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Time to Pause for Thought

Fireside Kingston Lacy

As we move towards Christmas and the ‘Season of Goodwill’ I think it’s time to take stock of the world.

Social media has a lot to answer for. It’s a force for good or evil as so many things. What I find so hard to accept is the vitriol which pours out on some social media sites. Politicians are fair game to the people who want to comment, but they don’t know the politicians personally and are therefore in no position to hurl so much abuse at them.

What I would wish is that people could be kinder. That applies to us all – even a small act of kindness to a stranger could make the world a better place. There is far too much hatred, religious or otherwise and it is not necessary or desirable. A smile to a lonely person could even mean so much and costs us nothing.

Thankfully I’ve not come across any of this hatred on WordPress. Perhaps I’m just lucky there, but I do see it in the comments on Facebook. I don’t have a Twitter account any longer as I don’t have time to deal with any more social media. I find Facebook useful for keeping up with friends and relations scattered around the world. I would ask all those who use Facebook not to be so cruel if you have been guilty of this. Let’s all try to make the world a better place.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

Street Art

How much is this doggie in the window?
Doggie in the window2



Tribute to Edward Hopper

Tribute to Edward Hopper2



Street art

Anyone who has visited Swanage in Dorset may have seen the top three images before. The last image of Avilés was taken in that Spanish town last year.

Tarka at the Kennels

Tarka home from kennelsTarka has had her first visit to boarding kennels since we brought her back from the rescue centre. We didn’t want to do it really, especially as we were not going away, but we had a full day of hospital appointments on Thursday, so couldn’t leave her alone at home all day. I took her in on Wednesday morning, as we had an early start the next morning. We didn’t want to ask neighbours to check on her, as they all have their own problems, and we thought it would be a good idea to let her get used to going into boarding for when we do want to go on holiday, unless of course she’s able to go with us.

The boarding kennels are at the same place as the rescue centre, so I feared that she might think that’s where she goes when she’s abandoned, and indeed she looked so sad when I left her that I thought I’d never do this again, don’t ever want to leave her. Our home felt empty without her. However, when we went to collect her on Friday, the girls said she’d been loving and cuddly, just like at home, so I guess once they’d given her some food, she was theirs! The photo above was taken that afternoon where she is in her usual afternoon position on the sofa.

Here in Dorset the autumn is setting in now, colours beautiful and acorns and conkers dropping along with the leaves. While I don’t look forward to winter, the beauty of nature never fails to amaze me.autumn at Wool for WP



Hello folks, I have a confession to make. My camera has not been out of the house for well over two months. Time has just flown and the past few months have passed in a blur of appointments, professional visitors like physiotherapists, occupational therapists and workmen. Simply no time for photography. I’m pinching a bit of me time to write this as I don’t want to lose touch entirely with my blogging world.

One thing I do have now is a smartphone. Yes, I’m being dragged into the modern age, but mainly I don’t use it as a smartphone but simply as my old mobile phone, but with one difference. It has a camera, and quite a decent one at that. Not exactly sure what I’m doing so far, but have taken one or two. 

This is Tarka wondering what she should eat from the garden next!

One of the reasons I bought this phone is that our photography group has closed for now, but our leader has said he may start up a new course later using smartphones, and since I needed a new model, it seemed the ideal time to invest.

I hope to catch up a little with reading your various posts, but it will be slow progress. In the meantime, keep up the good work you all do with your blogs when life allows.

Exploits from Tarka

With the advent of summer, bees buzzing around the garden and lots more insects doing what they do best, Tarka has decided that they are fair game. I’m doing my best to dissuade her from snapping at them, for her own good, and for theirs. After all, bees are suffering enough in this world of pesticides and other enemies. I’m really not sure how Tarka has reached this age without being stung so badly that she won’t do it again, but nothing seems to put her off.

Last month she had a really good haircut, and looked so gorgeous afterwards. I wasn’t sure about leaving her at the groomer’s for a lengthy time, but she absolutely loved being pampered. I’ve not had a dog who needed anything like this treatment before, and in general don’t like dogs to be too fussed over, but her fur was so long and it needed to be stripped out. I didn’t trust myself to do it, so left it to the experts. I was not disappointed.

Tarka looking gorgeous wp























Tarka’s favourite toy is a soft ‘donut’ which she carries everywhere and even sleeps with it in her bed. Here she is wearing it.Tarka with donut on head wp
























On the writing front, there is little progress, due to lack of time mainly. My caring duties mean that I have little time to myself, so although I have things in the pipeline, they are not making much headway. It can’t be helped; that’s life and I need to prioritise. Some of the work requires a fair bit of research, so I try to carry on with that in odd moments, and also write even just a sentence here and there.

Routine – Friend or Foe?

Some people believe that sticking to a routine stifles creativity. Maybe if everything is regimented it does. However, I think that when times are difficult, familiarity can be comforting. Things work better, leaving time for other thoughts. What do you think about it?

We all have to leave our comfort zones sometimes, but the everyday matters can be dealt with if we have a routine, so that they at least don’t worry us. It’s also good to leave your routines behind when you have a holiday or short break. Do something that you don’t normally do, and it gives you a lift.

Dogs and other animals thrive on routine. I know that my Tarka knows what time her food is due, when she should go for a walk, and anything out of the routine  can upset her until normality is restored.






On a different note, the blossom on our cherry tree has been glorious this year. A couple of years ago we feared that it was dying, but it’s now making up for it.

cherry blossom

Likewise the magnolia tree. These beautiful flowers really lift the spirits after the dullness of winter, letting us know that we are really into spring now.