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As we move towards Christmas and the ‘Season of Goodwill’ I think it’s time to take stock of the world.

Social media has a lot to answer for. It’s a force for good or evil as so many things. What I find so hard to accept is the vitriol which pours out on some social media sites. Politicians are fair game to the people who want to comment, but they don’t know the politicians personally and are therefore in no position to hurl so much abuse at them.

What I would wish is that people could be kinder. That applies to us all – even a small act of kindness to a stranger could make the world a better place. There is far too much hatred, religious or otherwise and it is not necessary or desirable. A smile to a lonely person could even mean so much and costs us nothing.

Thankfully I’ve not come across any of this hatred on WordPress. Perhaps I’m just lucky there, but I do see it in the comments on Facebook. I don’t have a Twitter account any longer as I don’t have time to deal with any more social media. I find Facebook useful for keeping up with friends and relations scattered around the world. I would ask all those who use Facebook not to be so cruel if you have been guilty of this. Let’s all try to make the world a better place.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

9 thoughts on “Time to Pause for Thought

  1. Chris, I couldn’t agree with you more. A little kindness goes a long ways. I’ve closed my FB account, I don’t tweet, and my experience except for a hiccup or two here or there on WP, has been so loving and supportive. One smile, for example, to a woman who looks harried and stressed in a store, could possibly change that one woman’s entire day. I too focus on the kind and the Loving. May your Christmas be filled with Joy and with Love … the true meaning of Christmas. Much Love to you. šŸŽ„

  2. On a positive note I have some of the most lovely supportive social media friends that have helped to support my music studies over the past four years, without them listening to my music I would have struggled moving to London because of the expense and lack of scholarships. Any tweeters I find objectional I just unfollow or block. There are some of the most super people though that social media stop getting too lonely and gives people like me an opportunity to see into their world and expand my knowledge.

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