Tarka home from kennelsTarka has had her first visit to boarding kennels since we brought her back from the rescue centre. We didn’t want to do it really, especially as we were not going away, but we had a full day of hospital appointments on Thursday, so couldn’t leave her alone at home all day. I took her in on Wednesday morning, as we had an early start the next morning. We didn’t want to ask neighbours to check on her, as they all have their own problems, and we thought it would be a good idea to let her get used to going into boarding for when we do want to go on holiday, unless of course she’s able to go with us.

The boarding kennels are at the same place as the rescue centre, so I feared that she might think that’s where she goes when she’s abandoned, and indeed she looked so sad when I left her that I thought I’d never do this again, don’t ever want to leave her. Our home felt empty without her. However, when we went to collect her on Friday, the girls said she’d been loving and cuddly, just like at home, so I guess once they’d given her some food, she was theirs! The photo above was taken that afternoon where she is in her usual afternoon position on the sofa.

Here in Dorset the autumn is setting in now, colours beautiful and acorns and conkers dropping along with the leaves. While I don’t look forward to winter, the beauty of nature never fails to amaze me.autumn at Wool for WP



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