Bill and Ellen's nativity scene

I make no apologies for posting this nativity scene again. The shops are full of brilliant lighting, tempting us in to spend money. The scenes are bright and cheerful, which we surely need at this time of the winter, when the weather is anything but bright. I’ve no objection to decorations, but where are the Nativity scenes? We should not forget why we celebrate this season.

A reason for not displaying Nativity scenes seems to be that we may offend somebody who is not a Christian. How can anyone be offended by being reminded how Christians want to live their lives? We’re not offended by the religious celebrations of other faiths,  and we should remember that this is a Christian nation basically. Of course these days there are many other religions groups within our land, and mainly we live in harmony, without offending each other. It would be such a shame if the young children of today grow up to think that Christmas is just about what Santa is going to bring them.

What we should be offended by, whatever our faith, or lack of faith, is the suffering going on around the world, places such as Aleppo in Syria, the Yemen, and many other places where people suffer.

The best present we could pass on to the young would be Peace in our world – a difficult thing to achieve, but we should all strive to pass on the message of Peace and harmony.

Just to show that I’m not a complete killjoy, I’ll pass on my wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with a photo to match.mincepiedisplay-wp


8 thoughts on “Christmas season

  1. Yum!
    This year I have my crib just with animals in. I’ll put the other figures in on Christmas Eve except for baby Jesus. He doesn’t arrive until midnight! 😉 (At the moment the three wise men have only made it as far as the top of the bookcase across the room.)

  2. Not a killjoy at all… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our generation’s legacy was peace and harmony… but unfortunately not in my lifetime. I am certainly saddened by what is happening in Syria and Yemen and other places in the world and I feel incredibly grateful to live where I do… just the luck of the draw. I wish you a very good Christmas and a happy, healthy 2017!

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