One of the reasons for our visit to Kingston Lacy last month was to see the autumn colours before they disappear for the winter. Tarka was allowed into some areas, such as the Japanese garden, a particular favourite of mine. However, she could not reach the garden by the normal route, a few hundred yards away. She had to go round a couple of miles through pathways. She and I started off on the route, leaving Mike to browse closer to the main area as he cannot walk too far.

Before too long though I hit a few hazards. In one field there were sheep, in another, and much closer to us, there were cattle, including some rather large bulls. As I’m aware how Tarka is with other dogs, I had no idea how she would react to cattle or sheep, even though she was on the lead of course. I certainly didn’t want to start a cattle stampede! Discretion became the better part of valour as the saying goes. We turned back, and found Mike in a place where he could sit with Tarka while I rushed down to the Japanese garden to take a look.

I was not disappointed, especially as the sun was shining. Kingston Lacy has something to offer at each season, but autumn is usually the best.


On my way back to the house and outbuildings where Mike and Tarka were waiting, I saw the lovely yellow rose. Could this be the last rose of summer?


Tarka is coming along nicely. We still have issues with other dogs, but when our local field is not too occupied by others, I am now able to let her off the lead. She loves to chase birds, never catching them of course, but runs like the wind before returning to me for a well-earned treat.



13 thoughts on “Autumn at Kingston Lacy

  1. This was a Lovely little trip, my Dear Chris! And going to SUCH Lovely places with Friends like You, Mike and Tarka, makes it Very Special indeed! Thanks and Love. 🙂

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