For the past four weeks, I have been extra busy with the new addition to our family. Say hello to Tarka, a Border Terrier.

Tarka has come to us from the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre. She is 6 years old, and so lovely with people, but comes with issues with other dogs. It’s such a shame, as she becomes very aggressive if they come too close, so she now wears a yellow bandana to warn other dog owners. Shame that the dogs can’t read too.yellowbandana3wp

At home she’s a little angel though, just perfect. She seems to have come from a good home, but was given up, we were told, because she didn’t get on with the other family pet. We can definitely see that now. I’ve never had a terrier before, and she’s quite difficult when out in other ways. She wants to chase anything, and at present can only be walked on the lead. I’d like to get some help for her, so that she will obey me all the time, not just when she wants! It seems a pity that she can’t play with other dogs, so professional help may be the only way. At 6 years though, the bad habits may be ingrained.

The house has become a home again with a new addition to the family. Having had dogs for so many years, I really missed the loving welcome and companionship, so feel more complete again now. I couldn’t have a larger dog at my age, so she is just right for me. More adventures to report in the future I suspect, and I’m only hoping that they will be good ones.



19 thoughts on “A New Addition

  1. Have you ever watched the Dog Whisperer programmes on TV? He usually manages to turn even the oldest dogs around, so there’s definitely hope for Tarka.
    Good luck. 🙂

  2. Oh, Chris, good for you for rescuing a dog. Tarka is beautiful!!! Be patient because with a lot of LOVE and attention, you can achieve anything with an animal. I could tell you stories about my cats to prove what I am saying. If anyone can help Tarka overcome her bad habits, you most certainly can!!! Smiling as I write this ….. ❤

  3. First of all, Hello Tarka! You look very nice. And good to know You. …Second but not the lesser, Hello my Dear Chris! Glad You got the companionship of Tarka. Hope You both have a Happy time together. Love and Regards! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for that, but I don’t accept awards, as I don’t blog enough to warrant them and don’t have the time to follow things up. Please accept my apologies for that, and nominate somebody who is much more deserving.

  4. I’m new to WordPress so follow like and comment on both my websites. Thanks and I follow back.

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