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11 Spain cruise Aviles

Whether you write fact or fiction, there is invariably some research to do. I find it much too easy to be side-tracked. When researching, there are many alleys to tempt me. Some of them are a complete waste of time – blind alleys – others can lead to new work. In most cases they are interesting.

For example, while delving into facts about a small town in Devon, I came across a list of notable figures who had a connection with the town, however slight.Some were born there, others educated in the town, while some had died there. A link led me to a modern-day author who lives in the town, among other people of interest. That was as far as I went that day.

However, the very next day I was in our local library and my eye was caught by a book which had recently been returned. It was by that very same author, a man I’d not heard of before my interest in the town. Naturally I had to borrow that book. As I’ve only just started reading it, I’ve yet to discover if this will lead me to further points of interest. What I will say though is that, having read only six pages so far, the story opens in an area of Hampshire where I once lived. I just love these coincidences.

As for the original article I’d wanted to write, it has yet to be started. There are just too many alleys to explore.11 Spain cruise Aviles






5 thoughts on “Alleys, blind or not.

  1. You said it, my Dear Chris! I land up in so many alleys, that many a time my posts never get finished. Yes, Alas, I have over 90 drafts, and I just don’t know when I can complete them!

    Am Sure You are Enjoying exploring all those alleys! …Love and Regards. 🙂

    1. I’m in good company then! Sometimes the weight of all the unfinished work is almost too much, but we only have so many hours in a day. 90 drafts? At least it shows you have had plenty to write about, whether finished or not. Love to you too. x

  2. I can certainly identify with this! I’m always ‘just checking’ one fact and somehow collecting lots more. I think it’s because we writers are also compulsive readers. At least I’m rarely stuck for ideas.

  3. LOL That is why I stick to real life stories from my own life. Now with them I don’t have to do any research for I have lived those stories. And of course there are stories within stories which of course makes for the challenge how much do I write or not? I try to make the story I write as simple as possible sticking to one subject. I had a good laugh while reading this, Chris. 🙂 ❤

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