71 Cornwall Trelissick

When we visited Cornwall in April, we had forgotten just how advanced the seasons can be in that part of the West Country. The rhododendrons in full bloom gave us a good reminder. This was taken in the grounds of Trelissick – a National Trust property.

74 Cornwall dining room

On previous visits, many years ago, the house was not open to the public. Now, however, parts are available to view. There are many repairs needed to the property, but more areas will be opened as and when these are done. The house has a lovely view across to the water.81 Cornwall view from Trelissick towards Falmouth

The above view was taken from just outside the house, looking towards Falmouth.

77 Cornwall blooms at Trelissick

We were not disappointed with our trip to Cornwall, and hope that it won’t be as long before we visit again.

6 thoughts on “Trelissick Revisited

  1. What beautiful gardens! One could spend a lot of time there! …And the dining room is so well lighted, which somehow I had not expected in what I believe is an Old house. Nice place. 🙂

  2. Wow! What a lovely place to visit. Just the kind of place I’d like to take my little neice for a picnic! Thank you for sharing you experience with us. Darren 🙂

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