Portscatho sits gently on top of the South Cornwall coast, with wonderful views in all directions.
32 Cornwall Portscatho2

It has always been one of our favourite spots to visit when in Cornwall.

There is a memorial there to the men who died in the Burma campaign, not easy to read,but I hope you can make out the words.
33 Cornwall memorial Portscatho2



The village caters well for holiday-makers and is popular with those walking the South West coastal path.

35 Cornwall just rounding the point at Portscatho2


We stayed at St Mawes; the day before we arrived they had a terrific storm, and we wondered if the weather would be kind. We arrived to find a calm sea, blue skies and only the aftermath of the storm to be seen. Several windows had been broken, and stones were strewn across the road. The men arrived with their JCB to clear it all away.

66 Cornwall after the storm2

Nothing can detract from the natural beauty of the area, and we so enjoyed our nostalgic trip.

42 Cornwall looking towards Place from St Mawes2

9 thoughts on “More from Cornwall

  1. On a visit to Cornwall I almost got washed out to sea in a storm… Lucky that you arrived in calm weather…. it is a beautiful area.

  2. That is once again a nice post, my Dear Chris, and nice photographs. Thanks.

    I was particularly attracted to the memorial, had to work on it in Photoshop, and see that more than 28 Thousand brave men laid down their lives. That, for what is a small country compared to India at least in physical size, is a Huge number indeed. My Salutations to them.

    Was not able to read The last line well, but eventually found out that it says: They died for All Free Men! Bravo Indeed. Salutations to All Soldiers.

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