Whipped up waves

A cold December morning in Swanage



The entertainment world has lost a few of its member in recent weeks, including David Bowie and Alan Rickman. It seems to have been a shock to so many. Maybe by today’s standards they were young – I speak as one who is older than they were. The members of the public were not aware of their illnesses. Why should they be?

To me, the outpourings of grief, particularly for David Bowie, have been excessive. His death is sad to those who knew and loved him of course. They will miss his presence in their lives. Fans only knew his public persona, not the real person; to treat him like a God or icon is not, in my opinion, a healthy thing to do. We are all born, we live our lives, and we die. We don’t know in advance when this will be. It’s what happens while we live that makes the difference. David Bowie’s musical talent is undisputed, but as a person we can only know what we read, and not believe everything we read.

By all means feel sad about somebody you admired, but perhaps we should keep things in perspective. We are all mortal.



Snowdrops at Kingston Lacy


9 thoughts on “Entertainment World and Mortality

  1. Totally agree… why should we be more upset about some famous person passing than anybody else… especially, as you said, we don’t really know anything about them as human beings, only their public personna. But then, I know people who get just as upset when fictional TV characters get bumped off!

  2. Well and Truly said, my Dear Anna! There seem to be more things behind these sentiments. One wonders what and how these people feel about their own families. Given that families are Not close now, the question becomes a hypothetical one. Also, in India, cine and sports personalities (they don’t have much of a jazz sort of culture here) are easily made politicians! Talk of adulation! Yuck.

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