Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of the Internet, but like most inventions throughout history, it can be used for good or evil. Also, it cannot be ‘uninvented’.

On the good side it provides us with a wonderful means of communication which can be a lifeline for the lonely. Think of all the grandparents whose offspring have emigrated to a far-off country where they are bringing up their own children without proximity to family members still in their original countries. How wonderful social media and programmes such as Skype are to those families and friends.

The knowledge we can gain through the Internet is also so useful, although we do have to be careful not to believe everything we read. Sources have to be reliable.

Now, however, we hear more and more about the ‘Dark Web’, a furtive area where paedophiles, terrorists and other criminals hang out. Most of us wouldn’t have a clue how to access this, nor would we have any desire to do so, but nevertheless it is there. This is the evil side of the Internet.

Recently my own telephone and Internet Service Provider suffered a huge hacking attack. Many personal details have been stolen and it is believed this information is being sold on the Dark Web, leaving customers of the company involved subject to having bank details and personal details used by others. Personally one of my friends has lost money from her bank account. We are all being told to be as vigilant as possible, not only on the web, but also in accepting phone calls which may prove to be scams.

Undoubtedly the criminals are clever; what a pity they can’t use their abilities for the good of mankind rather than their own selfish ends.



8 thoughts on “Perils of the World Wide Web

  1. It is very worrying, especially in cases like this when you don’t know for certain if your personal details have been leaked. As you say, all we can do is be vigilant.
    I was surprised recently to get a letter – yes, a real paper letter delivered by Royal Mail – telling me I’d won a prize in a lottery. All I had to do to claim a large sum of money was call the phone number on the letter … It went straight in the recycling bin of course, but it did make me wonder if email and phone scams aren’t working so well for the crooks now that most people know about them, so they’re going back to using more ‘traditional’ methods.

    1. I think they’re trying all the tactics now! We do have to be wary, we now have a phone with caller display, and I just don’t answer if I’m suspicious of the number. They can leave a message, but rarely do. Just shows it’s a scam though.

  2. Chris, I am very sorry about your troubles. How sad this world has become. Hubby and I still do banking with checks, never online just for the reason you just stated. You can never be too careful. We also have a protected browser with our anti-virus when we do online purchases. I’ve been told never to click on a site on my phone if it is an ad, only go directly to the site if I want to buy something. Why? Because a lot of hackers get into your phone that way or they send you a virus. The garbage that is on the internet these days, one has to really sift through. All phone calls we receive we first check the phone number … if we recognize it, we pick up. If not, we do not. If we accidently pick up on an unknown number and it is one of those “sales pitches” we immediately hang up, giving NO information other then a “hello”. Good luck with what you have to do to be “safe” again. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  3. It is easy to forget the dangers lurking out there. I am igilant too, and do no online banking. There are only a few sites I trust with my information and I report phishing scams immediately. I also have some training in information technology so I know what to look for. However, the methods of stealing information are becoming so sophisticated that it is difficult to decide what is real and what is not. I never answer my telephone now, except for family and close friends. If they call, I always call back. Emails from people I cannot identify do not get read or answered. I wish you a safe journey on your WWW adventures. I also hope that you will not lose too much from that unfortunate incident. Best wishes.

  4. I check all my accounts on a regular basis but that can’t stop it happening. However, I have read on several occasions that banking and bill paying online is actually safer than through the mail… who knows? No matter what we conceive of, somebody will figure out a way to use it for the dark side… I agree with you, I often think if criminals put their creativity and brain power to good, what amazing things they could achieve!

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