Acer leaf backlit

Our most recent project at the photography group was for the subject to be backlit. I know that sometimes we can achieve an interesting silhouette in this manner, but I wanted to do something different. I pulled out my reference book and looked for a photo project which would fit the bill. I found something like my attempt on the left. I’ve yet to receive feedback from the group as we’ve not had a meeting since June. We start again this coming week.

Since we now don’t have a dog to keep us at home all the time, which of course I have mixed feelings about, we are trying to get out and about a little. We feel as if we’ve been hibernating when this time of the year would be the time to consider doing just that. It was not just dear old Gizmo who kept us at home, although we couldn’t stay out for too long with him as he was so sick and there was nobody I would ask for help in his care. We have had a tough few years with my husband’s health too, with so many hospital appointments for tests, plus some for me. Thankfully he seems a little better now, or perhaps his medication is controlling things. In any event, we have had to try to put small steps out into the world for the moment. We had one night away in a hotel to start with, not too far away, but we were able to visit our niece and her little girl and then head off to the hotel. On our way home the next day we called into a National Trust property – Lytes Cary Manor, near Somerton in Somerset. The various gardens of this restored mediaval garden are lovely, and I particularly liked the Apostle garden with its topiary. Each small garden though has its own character, and is laid out as a different ‘room.’apostle garden Lytes Cary

Our one night away was a success and we felt able to tackle a couple of nights next. We had some work done on the house while we were away. To have stayed there would have been rather uncomfortable as we had to clear all the furniture from our lounge for two days while new flooring was laid. This involved one day when the men put some screed down. (I think that’s the term for it.) In any case it had to be left overnight and some of our furniture was in the kitchen, to which we had no access. Ideal to leave them to it we thought.

We didn’t go too far this time either, but managed to get a bargain break in Bournemouth. We were very lucky with the late September sunshine, and the hotel had a swimming pool. We took advantage of this before breakfast each morning, a rare treat.

Shopping arcade
Bournemouth is a busy seaside resort, but also with plenty of shops and gardens. The old shopping arcades are particulary pretty. We enjoyed our break away and the new flooring looks good now we’re home and sorting things out.

Since we’ve been home, I’ve started writing again, albeit slowly. I’ve not had much time to do so recently, and have been struggling to get going, but have recently submitted two poems to different publications, plus this morning I’ve printed out a short story in preparation for submitting this. More of that in future posts.

4 thoughts on “Getting back to normality

  1. Dearest friend, I honestly know how you feel about being housebound. Molly was so ill towards the end I could barely get out. And taking care of all the other special needs cats as well, these past few years have seen me a hermit. I am slowly trying to get out of the house more, but it is not easy. I’ve gotten into the “habit” of being home. I am proud of you for what you and hubby did. Baby steps, Chris. Baby steps, one at a time. And breathe. Love, Amy ❤

  2. Glad to hear you have been out and also writing. Let us all know how the submissions go — those are always tricky but exciting when they are successful! I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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