Wool carnival procession
Wool carnival procession

At this time of year there are carnivals, festivals and fetes all over Dorset. We are not able to go to many of them, but we have a small carnival every June in our village. There is a procession which passes right by our back fence, so am able to take photos without any difficulty. The colourful young lady on the left was worth a photo I felt.

Our carnival is very small compared to many, but there are amusements for the children, stalls for refreshments and our local library, which is run by hard-working volunteers, has a stall where you can buy second-hand books, or sign up to support the library.

attractions of the carnival small

For the last two years there have been alpacas at the carnival. Although of course not native to the UK, they are charming animals and becoming increasingly popular on farms. The wool from the alpacas is used for clothing.

Baby alpaca at Wool Carnival3
Young alpaca at Wool Carnival

8 thoughts on “Summer-time carnivals

  1. You are Really Lucky, my Dear Chris, to have Carnivals coming to You, as RMW says. And Colours, Wow! One needs sun glasses to look at them! Also, marvellous that, as per Your Wishes, You have Animals in Your Carnivals too! …Love and Regards. 🙂

      1. Glad You are blessed to be living in that Beautiful place; and Thanks for sharing all that Beauty with Us!

        But Yes, my Dear Chris, the colours in the first photograph in that post are really Dazzling! 🙂

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