bee on cherry blossom

Recently I read a quote from Philip Larkin. He evidently published an average of only four poems a year when in his prime. He said ‘Silence is preferable to publishing rubbish and far better for one’s reputation.’ It’s a relief that so prolific a poet could feel like this and acknowledge that sometimes the best words just won’t come to you.

It can happen to us all. Sometimes whatever we write just doesn’t gel. Perhaps we have our minds on problems elsewhere, or maybe we have health issues, and we can’t relax sufficiently to produce our best work. What’s the best way to deal with it?

We all have our own ways of coping. If there are problems we can solve, we should do so. If there are no solutions, acceptance is the only way. Sometimes going for a walk gives us time to clear our thoughts. How do you resolve it, or does it not happen to you?

majestic cliffs West Bay
Cliffs at West Bay

On a different note, my husband Mike and I had our first visit this year to West Bay, about an hour’s drive away from home along the Dorset coast; the cliffs there are so imposing. We like the place. The small town is not particularly attractive; it has far too much concrete for our liking, but there is also a certain quaintness in some parts. Also, and this is the big plus, it has the coastline. I rest my case.

As you can see from the photo, the cliffs are not too stable now, so I’m not sure those people should be so close to them. On the west side of the town, areas are now roped off because of further cliff falls. It’s a shame, as what looks to be a lovely little beach is no longer accessible, but that’s nature. We’re looking forward to our next visit.

West side of West Bay
Falling cliffs make this a dangerous area

6 thoughts on “If It’s Good Enough for Philip Larkin ….

  1. When my writing’s not going as well as I’d like, I’ve found the best solution is to leave it and do something physical instead. Walking, gardening or housework are all good. I’m guessing this gives my subconscious mind the chance to work on the problem uninterrupted, but the important thing is that it often results in one of those lovely Eureka! insights.
    I’m trying to do some drawing or painting every day now, and I find that when I’m drawing I’ll get an idea for my writing, and when I’m writing I’ll suddenly find the answer to a painting problem. I don’t try to explain it, but I’m very grateful for it!

    1. Yes, you’re right Linda, Something physical helps. Your results show that it must be the subconscious working in some way. Clever, and as you say, you have to be grateful for it. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I love that he takes his time like that. Once you’re published, I know there is pressure to keep producing. His m.o. is not unlike mine. I would rather hold out to offer what is better, if not my best, than anything just to get it out there and waste readers’ time. Beautiful pix, Chris.


  3. Very good, my Dear Chris! I have been erring quite a lot in this regard, particularly in Twitter. Glad to say am working on controlling this! …Yeah, We wait for Nature to settle herself; and We wait for the Right words! 🙂

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