Mahonia leaves on frosty morningEvery day I’m grateful to be a part of this still wonderful world, even with all its problems. I’m so thankful that my life is relatively comfortable, with none of the terrible situations that many other people find themselves in. Despite that, if that if I had to choose my least favourite month it would be January. The climate here is such that the start of the New Year is often grey, cold and dismal, with quite a lot of rain. We’re looking backwards at the old year, and forwards to our hopes and aspirations for the next 12 months.

Some animals hibernate; that sounds an enticing way to spend January. Either that, or if circumstances were such that I was able, I’d travel to a warmer climate, returning when February arrives. Our health is never as good in winter, we all feel exhausted and we spend time trying to avoid surgeries so as not to contract one of many nasty bugs.

However, if that all sounds much too negative, January can still be lovely. There is nothing nicer than a bright frosty morning, when a walk revives the spirit and allows you to think about your writing, or anything else you may have in mind.

Last year was not a particularly good one for my writing. Time was very limited; after I’d finished caring for my sick husband, and my even sicker old dog, and with my own health issues, I was often too tired to concentrate for long periods. I had a few letters published in newspapers, a poem accepted by a magazine, several other poems accepted for anthologies and one or two pieces, both fiction and non-fiction published in small press magazines. I have another article pending with a main-stream magazine; they are retaining it for further consideration, so still hope there. However, the last occasion they did this, they kept the article for about 18 months, and when I queried, they sent it back saying they wouldn’t be needing it. By that time it was really out-of-date, so I couldn’t send it anywhere else. Ah well, nobody said it would be easy.

Still, one thing about January is that it brings to us all fresh hope. Happy writing everyone.

fungus with frost

12 thoughts on “Hopes for the Year Ahead

  1. Belated Good Wishes for 2015!
    I love frosty mornings if they’re combined with sunshine and blue skies, but cold, grey days when you have to have a light on indoors all day can be really depressing. I should have hibernated for the first 2 weeks of January as I had one of those colds that seems to last for ages and couldn’t do much writing – nothing that was any good anyway. Let’s hope spring isn’t too far away!

  2. I have to agree with you about January — it’s definitely my least favorite month. I would gladly hibernate through it in exchange for my waking time in the spring, summer, and fall! It does seem like a good month for writing, somehow … maybe because it’s cold and I want to stay indoors. Best of luck on your future writing!

  3. Kudos, first of all, my Dear Chris, on the tremendous and wonderful work You are doing all around, being a Care taker and Writing, so well, on top of that.

    As I am coming to this post of Yours, hope the months of 2015 have not disappointed You. I find You chugging away, being Your usual Cheery self.

    Sending You much Love and Regards. 🙂

    1. Thank you Baba; I can’t pretend that life is easy but who said it would be?! Fortunately I have a fairly optimistic nature, so get over things as quickly as one can. Not finding much time to write though, which is a shame, but can’t be helped. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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