WoolxmasdeerWhether you are a follower of Christianity or not, this is the season when many people celebrate. It’s lovely for children of course, but sometimes I wonder if we’re all just too greedy. When I was a child, I was as excited as children are today, but we received in our Christmas stockings such things as an orange, a pencil sharpener, crayons and paper to draw and colour. As I grew up, these items became things like book tokens, always the most welcome of presents.


Recently we had in the UK what was called Black Friday. The name seems to be because it was the first day that the stores in America went into the black after all their expenses. That is what I have heard. Anyway, the event arrived in the UK from the USA, not one of the better imports I have to say.

The films on the news of people fighting over bargains in the shops made me feel rather sick. It was just obscene to see these people, when so many people in the world are suffering, perhaps from lack of food, or fighting. Whatever the reasons for their suffering, greed in people who should know better is not an attractive thing.

By all means enjoy your celebrations, but my Christmas wish list would include peace for others, enough to eat, a comfortable home and lack of fear. For myself I would wish for no expensive perfumes, or the latest gadgets, but better health for my husband and myself and if it is to be, a peaceful end of life for my dear old dog.

What is your wish?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. festive setting for photo group

Bill and Ellen's nativity scene

6 thoughts on “What is on your Christmas Wish List?

  1. My Christmas wish would be to turn on the radio or tv news and not hear about disasters, wars and yet more suffering in the world. Perhaps one day …
    Here’s wishing your Christmas wishes come true!

  2. I have never gotten into the “spirit” of Black Friday. I’ve heard some companies even manufacture goods especially for that occasion… inferior quality they can sell cheaper! The real bargains, from what I have experienced are in January when they want to get rid of last year’s goods… and I can buy something without fear of being trampled to death… Christmas itself is way out of hand and has no meaning anymore… I think we need a reboot on that holiday!

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