The water lilies in our small pond have been good this year.
The water lilies in our small pond have been good this year.


When I was a small girl, my father had several expressions which he used to encourage me in life in general. They can apply to a career, your writing, photography, or anything you may be interested in, even life itself. 

One of them was ‘Good, better, best, Never let it rest, ’till your good is better, and your better best.’ This saying seems to be attributed to Adlai Stevenson, presumably the American politician and diplomat.

Another saying was ‘Reach for the sky and you may hit the treetops.’ I’m not sure if that was attributed to anyone, there seem to be various versions on the same theme. Whatever, they are words which I’ve remembered ever since. 

Do you have any such expressions, which may spur you on when the going gets tough? 


Spirea and campanula entwined





5 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement

  1. If he heard someone complaining about some annoyance or disappointment, my grandad always said, ‘Worse things happen at sea.’ It was a reminder to count our blessings and see problems in perspective. And he knew what he was talking about because he’d been a sailor in WW2.

    My own most used expressions are:
    ‘Tomorrow is another day’ (When I reach the evening and find my to-do list is longer than it was in the morning)
    ‘Their loss, not mine’. (I imagine all those editors who rejected my writing kicking themselves when I become a best-selling author!)

    1. Familiar sayings to me as well. My father was a naval man too, in both world wars. I think he probably lied about his age in WW1. Your expressions too are useful, and the thoughts about editors very good. Helps to develop a thick skin when it comes to rejections from the editors!

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