Do you have a favourite poem? There are plenty to choose from, whether you prefer Wordsworth or Pam Ayres.

One of my favourites is Primo Levi’s ‘To My Friends’. It starts:


To My Friends
Dear friends, I say friends here
In the larger sense of the word:
Wife, sister, associates, relatives,
Schoolmates, men and women,
Persons seen only once
Or frequented all my life:
Provided that between us, for at least a moment,
Was drawn a segment,
A well-defined chord.

You can easily find it on the web if you’d like to read the rest of it. To me the feelings in it are true for us all. We have friends we’ve known for a long time, and who have influenced our lives, our views, our outlooks.

The poem resonate with me because it makes me think about people who we meet. Maybe they are not what we think of as friends; some may even have been unfriendly or caused us some harm. However, they may have made some real impression on us. They have touched our lives, and left a footprint on our souls.

Even a fleeting acquaintanceship may affect our thinking and feeling for the rest of our lives and we’ll never forget that person. In fact, maybe we have never even met the person, but they have touched us in some way. That happened recently in the UK and elsewhere too, when a young man, dying of cancer, set about raising funds for other youngsters, rather than sitting in self-pity. Stephen Sutton must have been a remarkable young man, who sadly passed away, but left such an impression on the world that the money he raised went on up and up.

If you’ve not read the poem, I really recommend that you do at some time.


Peony on a rainy morning
Peony on a rainy morning

The peony on the left was taken a month or so back in the garden. Its beauty is almost decadent, exotic, like a dancer in a glamorous ball-gown. I just love the way the petals unfurl. Each flower has its own beauty.


2 thoughts on “Favourite Poems

  1. “Each flower has its own beauty…” Inspiring words that sound like a soothing song in my heart and mind. Thank you for your world with us. A world of hope, positivity and full of life. Have a great weekend. God bless.

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