Cliffs at West Bay
Cliffs at West Bay

Last week we visited West Bay, about  half an hour away by car along the Dorset coast. This is the first visit this year; we wanted to see if the coastline looked different following last winter’s fierce storms. Thankfully the cliffs are as imposing as ever. We noticed little change although we are aware that there have been many rock falls and slippages along the Jurassic Coast. People do have to take care when walking and pay attention to any warning notices, both on the shorelines and the cliffs above.

What we did notice was the bank of shingle thrown up by the tides. Cottages which previously looked directly at the sea in some cases now look at a mound of sand. No doubt other tides will even this out.

The Jurassic coastline continues to inspire artists, writers, geologists and fossil hunters. From the white chalky cliffs of the Purbeck area to the west end of this coast, where the soil in Devon is deep red, there are many variations of hue. The striations are unique to each cove or cliff and artists utilise this in their work. We visited an art exhibition in West Bay which demonstrates this very clearly.

Closer look at cliffs
Closer look at cliffs

We ended our morning out in suitable fashion – enjoying locally-caught fish, and beautifully cooked chips, from one of the many kiosks providing food to tourists and locals alike.

14 thoughts on “West Bay revisited

    1. Yes, this is the south coast of England. It’s called the Jurassic Coast because it dates back to the Jurassic age, millions of years ago. That’s why there are so many fossils to be found in the area. A fascinating area and beautiful too.

  1. Pleased the cliffs are still there! But as fascinating as they are I am a bit nervous about getting too close. I don’t like heights – or falling rocks!

  2. That’s what makes this area so fascinating, it’s constantly changing, sometimes subtly, but sometimes it’s more catastrophic.
    Like most of nature, you have to respect it, albeit the sea, cliffs, rivers etc…they all have the ability to bite back.
    it’s times like these when those pesky little, (or not quite so little) dinosaurs make their appearance.
    We were there a couple of weeks ago, and still people were sat right under the cliff face.

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