Firstly, my apologies to those of you who read my last post before I’d returned to edit out the glaring spelling mistakes. I used to be good at spelling, but I think my brain cells are becoming old and tired! I put it down not just to the passing of the years, but also too many anaesthetics over those years, and it looks as if another one is on its way. (Not if there’s an alternative of course. Enough is enough.)

Last time I was in hospital, about 9 years ago, I learned a valuable lesson for writers. We were living in Spain and I developed cellulitis in my right foot. Evidently hot climates can make this worse. I didn’t know what it was, only that my foot was covered in a rash, becoming discoloured, and that I had a raging fever. It was only when I presented myself at the hospital, and was immediately admitted, that I learned what was wrong.

For a week I lay in that bed, with my leg raised at a precarious angle, on intravenous antibiotics and my foot gradually changing colour until it was black to above the ankle. All the surface skin later peeled away.

Fortunately I made a good recovery, which had not been guaranteed.

And the lesson I learned? After I had recuperated at home I thought I would write an article about it. Having done this, I tried several magazines. As I write mainly factual articles, I should have realised that nobody would pay me for such a feature without photographs. I was not much into photography then, having taken it up as a result of my realisation that articles sell much better with illustrations or photographs.

When I was in hospital it had not occurred to me to ask my husband to photograph the offending foot! If indeed I’m to have surgery again soon, I’ve already asked him to make sure he takes pictures of me if I’m unable to do it myself, however ghastly I may look. Lesson learned.

On the writing front I have had a small success with a couple of poems. One has been accepted for an anthology again, and another will be paid for by a magazine, hopefully. Never say for sure until the money arrives!003

I’ve been wanting to take a picture of this flower for a few days. Actually we’ve had loads of flowers on the plant, but the weather has not been right for photos. Yesterday I thought I would do it anyway, but had to hold the stem as the enemy of photographers, the wind, was blowing like crazy. No editing on this one, I’m going back to basics to a certain extent.

6 thoughts on “Lessons from Life

  1. Most people only take photos of things they find attractive – like your gorgeous flower (is it a clematis?) – but you never know what will catch a magazine editor’s eye so you need to get in the habit of photographing anything and everything, just in case. Hope you don’t have to go into hospital but, if you do, remember to pack a camera!

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