Shell Bay beach, end of season
Shell Bay beach, end of season

Welcome to 2014. The photos I’m posting today are from a day out last year. The beach on the left here was crowded all the summer, but what a difference when the tourists have gone. The photos are a reminder that after the gloom of the rain, wind and floods we will see the sun again!

Statue of Baden Powell
Statue of Lord Baden Powell

Lord Baden Powell held the first camp for Boy Scouts on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour. More information in a future post!

The South West Coast Path
The Start of the South West Coast Path



At this time in the New Year, I suspect that a lot of us feel like Janus, the two-faced Roman God. Although we don’t have the advantage of two faces – one facing back to the last year and the other forward to the New Year, we do look back at our aims from the same time last year. We judge how much we achieved and how we’ve not lived up to our aspirations.

We’re probably also making plans for the coming 12 months. Let’s hope that some at least come to fruition.

As regards my own aims for last year, I did at least manage to submit some writing each month, but it didn’t lead to fame or fortune. Never mind, they are not the only measure of success in life.

In December I submitted a poem to another competition, had  a letter in the Purbeck Gazette, and another letter in the Daily Mail. So far in January I have had a letter in the Purbeck Gazette, and an article in Crystal, with a photograph to illustrate it, and another photo on the front cover.

For this year, the main aim as regards both writing and photography is to try to perfect my work and to enjoy the journey.

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