Although summer is well over now, early autumn has so far been balmy here. I’ve even seen a couple of butterflies in the last week. It has definitely been a butterfly summer in our small garden. Apart from the usual Peacock butterflies, Red Admirals, and other more common (but still beautiful) varieties, this summer I’ve been lucky enough to see a Comma, and a Clouded Yellow. I had planned to set up my tripod and photograph them, but sadly each time I intended to do so, some family matters, usually genuinely urgent, stepped in to prevent me doing so. Perhaps next year?

With the advent of autumn, our garden became festooned with garlands of spiders’ webs. I did manage to capture some on the camera, with varying results. This spider was doing his morning gymnastics when I photographed him, so the web shook tremulously.

We caught the last of the warm sunny days last week with a return visit to West Bay, enjoying the reflections of boats and ending up with the obligatory fish and chip lunch.  Now the autumn rains seem to have arrived, although yesterday was still sunny.reflections cbj





On the writing front, in September I had a true story published in Crystal Magazine. I submitted a poem to a Writing Magazine competition, and an article to Crystal. I’ve had to remind my husband that I’m supposed to be the writer in the house, as he had two letters published in the Purbeck Gazette.

A photograph of mine was published in the Purbeck Gazette. This month so far has been difficult; I’m in the middle of writing an article which has needed a certain amount of research, but I’m getting there.

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Summer and autumn cobwebs

  1. Is summer over? I thought it was, but today is warm and sunny here and I’ve just seen a dragonfly in the garden. I’ve found that planning to photograph a certain subject rarely works for me, all my best photos involve a large element of luck! A bird or animal appears where I least expect it, or the sun suddenly breaks through the clouds … I just try to keep my camera nearby so I can grab it quickly if I see something interesting. I do like your boat picture, it looks very summery to me!
    Congrats on your publishing successes. Onwards and upwards!

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