To quote Robert Burns, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.’ Well, it’s not just mice and men. It’s women too! All this week I’ve been hoping to write my blog, but I’ve had intermittent connection problems with the internet and just haven’t been able to do much except look at a few blogs and write a few emails when it was working. Never mind, I think the ISP must have now fixed whatever was the glitch.


Autumn came in quite early with mists from the start of the month, which in this area at least turned to warm sunny days by lunch-time. On one of those misty mornings we took the steam train from Norden to Swanage, a trip we’d been promising ourselves for some time. It was a lovely little journey through the Purbeck Hills, with the ruins of Corfe Castle emerging through the gloom on the way out.

Corfe Castle ruins from train

It was good to see the castle from the train, a totally different angle to any other view.

As for my August writing, I submitted an article to Crystal magazine, which has been accepted. One of the 3 poems I submitted for a competition in May, with a closing date of 30th June, was short-listed, but didn’t make the prize. However, it has been accepted for an anthology to be published later this year. Surprisingly enough to me, it was the poem which I wasn’t sure whether to submit – a haiku. I’d submitted 3 different styles so I’m pleased that one of them at least has found a home.

What it does also mean is that I now have 2 other poems ready to submit elsewhere.

I'm in charge

I’ll finish this post with a photo of the steam engine which pulled our carriages. It’s looked after and polished immaculately. Well done to all the workers who care for this line and the trains and carriages involved.

4 thoughts on “Steam Trains and Autumn Mists

  1. I didn’t recognise Corfe Castle from your first photo, I’ve only ever seen it from the road. The mist makes it look very mysterious and rather spooky!
    Congrats on your writing successes, sounds like you’re on the right track (sorry, couldn’t resist that :))

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