Writing for magazines is never going to be easy. These days a lot of articles are written in-house to keep costs down. There is so much competition for free-lance writers for any remaining space, but we should not give up the effort.

If you are a free-lance writer or beginner, why not consider other markets as well as the glossy magazines? There are many on-line magazines (e-zines), and for printed work, there are small-press magazines out there.

Crystal Magazine is for subscribers only and publishes stories, articles and poems, and sometimes photographs. You can find details on editor Christine Carr’s website http://www.christinecrystal.blogspot.com

Christine does have subscribers from overseas as well as the UK. It’s a friendly magazine and we all enjoy reading each other’s work.

Incidentally, in my last post I made a small error. Published in Crystal in the July edition I had a poem and a small non-fiction article, not as I said, a true story (that was the previous edition.) I have posted the true story on my Jottings page.

Why not take a look at Crystal and see if you can write something to be published?

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