A whirlpool of wild flowers
The photograph was a bit of an experiment for me. We scattered some wildflower seeds in the garden this year, to try to encourage bees, and they looked pretty so I thought I’d try to create a whirlpool effect. This is the result.



Writing sometimes has to be done in snatched moments. Life’s like that. Still, even these can add up to something worthwhile.

At present, these snatched moments seem to be all I can find, but somehow I’m sticking to my intentions to submit a piece of writing each month, be it an article, story or poem.

In July I submitted two stories – one to a magazine. This one was rejected because it had been previously published. I had retained the copyright though, and no money had been involved. I’d read the guidelines, and nowhere did they mention that they would not accept work which had been published before. Still, I know that is the case now.

The other story I submitted to a short story competition – no word yet, but at least it’s a new story and if unsuccessful in the competition can be submitted elsewhere.

The items I did have published in July were a poem in Crystal Magazine, and a true story, also in Crystal. On the photography side, I had a photograph of Corfe Castle published in the Purbeck Gazette.

I’m working on several things for my writing at present, progress is of course slow, but not at a standstill!

2 thoughts on “Snatched moments for writing, and an experimental photograph.

  1. Love the photo, I think it would look great printed large as a piece of wall art.
    Well done for keeping up with the writing. There are lots of distractions at this time of year but I find I actually get more quality writing done when my time is limited.

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