Corfe Castle

We’re spoiled for choice in Dorset when it comes to places to visit. Sometimes we opt for the coast, truly beautiful. At other times it’s tempting to venture inland to the countryside, where there are many picturesque villages. We have woodlands in abundance and plenty of interesting ruins, the most famous of which are the ruins of Corfe Castle. Whenever we see it, from whichever angle, it looks different. I’ve not yet managed to capture it rising through the mists of  a winter morning, but artists and photographers love it.

Corfe Castle was partly demolished by Parliamentarians in 1646; it was Saxon in origin. Now a National Trust property, it’s an impressive ruin.

Another ruin with great atmosphere is at Knowlton, a Norman church built on the site of neolithic henges.

Knowlton Church ruins
Knowlton Church ruins

We’re also lucky with the climate here, as it is better than many areas in the United Kingdom.

On a scorching day like today, the best place to be is by the sea.

Through the doorway

On the writing front, I have continued with my target of submitting at least one article, story or poem every month. In June I submitted an article to a glossy magazine – no reply yet; I also wrote a short story, which I’m still in the process of editing. No writing published in June, but I did have a photograph published in the U3A Sources Journal. I’ve several projects still on the go, awaiting completion.

3 thoughts on “Coast, Country, Woodlands and Ruins

  1. I love Dorset. I went there a lot as a child on holiday. I’ve been to Corfe castle but I was about six at the time, so I really should go back to appreciate it as an adult. As for the writing, that’s great you’re meeting your targets! Best of luck with the article as well. It’s the waiting for the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ that’s the worst part sometimes 🙂

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