Durdle Door 013Experienced photographers would wonder how I came to make not just one, but two mistakes in one day. My excuse is that when you take up a new hobby/learning curve at my time of life, not all the lessons are retained easily. I’ve learned from these errors though.
Last week we went out to a local beauty spot. The sun was shining and my camera was ready – or so I thought. I’d been ‘playing’ with it at home, altering settings around and mistakenly thought I’d put them all back to default values. I hadn’t.
The first photos I took should have been stunning; the scenery was gorgeous, the colour of the sea sublime. I thought I’d take a couple on automatic to make sure I captured something lovely. It was only when I switched to aperture priority I realised that the first few were much too bright. I had the exposure compensation set at +2.7. I had thought that taking them on automatic would put all right but realise now that’s not so. That was my first mistake.
The second mistake was not to check the histogram, which would have told me that something was amiss, even if I didn’t know exactly what. I’ve been advised at the photography group to make the histogram my best friend, and in future I will. I did try to put things right with a basic editing programme on my computer, but couldn’t cure the problems completely. The above photo  is one of the results.

Looking towards Weymouth from Durdle Door

As you can see from this one, taken from Durdle Door looking towards Weymouth Bay, it was such a perfect day, and I did manage to take some other photos which I’m pleased with on the way back, but the light had changed from the truly magical light at the start of the visit. A very salutary lesson!

6 thoughts on “Whoops, Two Fundamental Errors in One Day

  1. If we didn’t make mistakes we’d never learn! But it is very frustrating when you forget some small but important detail. This morning I was trying to take some photos in the garden and couldn’t understand why the camera wasn’t focussing properly – until I realised that the last time I used it I’d switched it to manual focus. Aaaghh!
    But your photos look good to me!

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