Instead of researching non-fiction and writing an article, in May I decided to give my brain a change. I’d heard of a poetry competition with the chance of submitting up to three poems and thought  I’d have a go with that. I sent in one in free verse, one humorous rhyming verse and a Haiku. The competition closes on 30th June, so like most things with writing, it’s a waiting game.

Also during May I pitched an article to a mainstream magazine, no reply as yet.  I also sent in a true story to Crystal magazine, and several letters to various magazines and newspapers.

Successes during May were another true story published in Crystal, a letter in the Purbeck Gazette, and a photograph of our local carnival from last year published in the Purbeck Gazette. Only small successes, but at least these items have found a home.

This month I’m trying my hand at short stories, and maybe get back to some research. Who knows? That’s one of the things with writing, sometimes we need a change to help us to see projects with a new look.

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