Tools of the trade CBJThe major industries in West Bay are fishing and tourism. It’s always possible to buy fresh fish here, both wet fish and fish and chips. Also crabs and lobsters are big business. As for tourism, this is a very popular spot, lovely walks, beautiful coast and countryside.

SeagullIt’s not a good idea to feed the seagulls, but you do have to watch that they don’t steal the food from your fingers. They can also be vicious. I still think they’re lovely to look at. I would never feed them.

Writing didn’t do too well in April. We’ve had a lot going on in our lives this month, which kind of got in the way; nevertheless I submitted one poem and an article. Nothing published during the month though, so as the old school reports used to say – Must do better.

6 thoughts on “More from West Bay, and must do better.

  1. I agree about not feeding seagulls. I was on holiday in Cornwall a few years ago and in one of the villages we visited (can’t remember the name) the local children had put up posters asking visitors not to feed the gulls because they were such a nuisance there.
    2 submissions is better than none, I only managed 1 in April but I keep telling myself quality is more important than quantity!

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