Half way through April and I’ve not yet updated my progress for March. Here goes then.
A true story submitted.
An article submitted.
A poem submitted, and rejected.
Same poem submitted, no reply.
Two articles pitched to magazines – one rejected outright, the other no reply as yet.

A letter in the Mail on Sunday.
A short article published in the March edition of Crystal magazine.

So far this month not a lot of progress, one of those times when life has been intruding into my writing times, but should be something to report before too long. It would be good if something could be accepted by a mainstream magazine, but hey-ho, there is so much competition for the slots. The only failure is to give up.

2 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

  1. But you’re writing, and submitting, and getting published – so you must be doing something right! Your ‘big break’ will probably come when you least expect it. As you say, you just have to keep trying!

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