widows, Semana Santa re-enactmentWe lived in Spain for two years. Semana Santa was always worth seeing. Even in small towns,  the inhabitants held week-long re-enactments. I was not into photography in those days, more’s the pity, but I found among my collection a few snaps of the occasions. These ‘widows’ played their parts with dignity. Everything about these processions was taken very seriously.

Mostly the floats were carried by strong men, but occasionally we saw ladies doing this work. Spanish girls Semana santa

It was strange to see people who normally served us in their bars or shops taking part.

As we lived not too far from Malaga, we made an effort to see their processions too. It was not easy to get really close to the action, unless you were local or paid, but we did see enough to feel the excitement and passion which the Spanish felt. Semana Santa Malaga

4 thoughts on “Easter in Spain

  1. Thank you for this post. I’m not very religious, but I miss the Semana Santa a lot. The “widowers” are called “Manolas” in my hometown. They represent women who cry the death of Christ.

    1. Thank you Ana for your comment. I don’t think you have to be religious particularly to appreciate and be moved by Semana Santa. Thank you for telling me about the ‘Manolas’. I have not heard that before, so that adds some real interest for me. Best wishes, Chris

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