Filtered sunlight through trees

For all those who celebrate the Easter Festival, Happy Easter. I have posted a short verse on my jottings page for you.

I haven’t been out taking photographs much recently. The weather has not encouraged me for one thing. Also I have been busy with my writing, which I shall be updating the blog about shortly. One day in February though, my friends were driving me through the trees near my home, and we decided that the sun filtering through the mist was worth a shot. The area is always pretty, so much so that I call it the magic forest sometimes, especially when deer are around. The same shot may be better in black and white.

Filtered sun in black and white

2 thoughts on “Easter Greetings and the sun filtered through trees

  1. Happy Easter to you too!
    Sunshine and even a few glimpses of blue sky here, but the icy wind means I’ve mostly been taking photos indoors for the last few weeks.
    I prefer your coloured photo – it adds a little warmth to the scene!

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