So far this year – and it is still only fairly young – my writing goals are on course. My goals are as follows:-

Firstly, to send at least one article out per month. Not a lot you may think, but I’m not very fast.

Secondly, to look at half-finished articles, stories, poems etc, and see if I can do something with them.

In January I sent out one major article to a paying magazine – no acknowledgement yet, one short article to a small-press magazine, accepted. One poem to a paying magazine, also no acknowledgement.

Published in January, one poem in a small-press magazine, one letter in a dog magazine. No money for either, but at least they’ve found a home.

Between times, while I am researching or writing first drafts I try to write letters to papers and magazines, to keep the writing muscle working.

I find it’s important to have these goals and I’ve planned out the whole year’s articles. They may not all come to fruition, but it’s a start.

2 thoughts on “Writing Goals on Course

  1. You sound very organised, and congratulations on the acceptances. Have you joined the Write1 Sub1 challenge as an added incentive to your ‘one article a month’ plan? There’s a link to it on my blog. My main goal is long term – to get a novel finished this year – but I’m juggling it with short stories and articles.

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