Beach hut and cliffs, Charmouth

I finished my first article to submit for the year by the end of December, and rewarded myself with a trip to Charmouth, Dorset. It’s a beach about an hour’s drive from here, not our nearest, but we’d wanted to go to this particular area for a while. It’s famous for being part of the Jurassic Coast, with many finds of fossils being made here. We’ve had such wet weather recently, but on Sunday the sun tried to put in an appearance.

Just as I was about to try a photograph or two, it began to rain, a fine drizzle, so I just managed to take a couple before it lashed down once again. The cliffs here are quite blue in places, but we couldn’t get too close as there have been many cliff falls because of the extreme wet weather.

We enjoyed our visit and will come again when the spring arrives. We picked up a few items but not knowing much about fossils suspect they’re not of much interest. If it had been a clear example of an ammonite I would have recognised it, but no such luck.

My article has now been sent off into the ether, but I’m hoping it will find its way onto a published page. If not, I’m nearly there with the next one. Many plans for this year, to simply crack on, regardless of rejections. Also need to chase up some editors who’ve expressed an interest in work I’ve sent in, and have held it for further consideration for many months.

2 thoughts on “At the Jurassic Coast

  1. The biggest problem for photographers in Britain is the weather. I’m always saying ‘This would be a great shot if only the sun was shining/ the sky was blue/ the wind wasn’t shaking the camera!’ Hope the conditions are better on your next visit, and Good Luck with the article.

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