The River Frome has a very large ford, and featured in Hardy’s works as part of the Vale of the Dairies. Also in Moreton we find the grave of T E Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia. It’s an unpretentious grave at the far end of the graveyard. Lawrence was a cousin of the Frampton family who owned the Moreton estate. When he died, among the mourners were Sir Winston and Lady Churchill. There is far more to Moreton than just those facts. Many people travel for miles to see the wonderful windows of the church of St Nicholas. The church was badly bombed in 1940, and the replacement windows were installed, not as the more usual stained glass, but as engraved windows, each one telling a story. They were engraved by Laurence Whistler, a British poet and artist, famous for his glass engravings. He was a relative of the famous artist of the delightful windows at St Nicholas Church, Moreton

There is so much more to learn about Moreton, and the pleasant tea-rooms can provide you with sustenance while you read more about it all.

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