As writers we all receive rejection slips. It’s how we deal with them that makes the difference between a writer and somebody who simply dreams of writing. We have to develop a thick skin, and realise that it is not a personal criticism we’ve received. There may be all sorts of reasons a story, article, poem or even a book does not become accepted the first time out.

This week has been a mixed one from that point of view. Tuesday brought a rejection slip and a poem returned. Wednesday brought a magazine with a letter of mine in, but no payment made. Thursday brought yet another rejection slip, this time for an article I’d written.  At least that has been returned fairly promptly, which I’m grateful for, as it is time sensitive, and I still have the time to send out to another magazine, and maybe a third if that doesn’t get accepted.

So, I’d say to somebody starting out on the road to becoming a writer, don’t give up at the first hint of rejection. That way you will surely lose. Continue to write, try to make your work even better and simply keep at it. Every artist, not just a writer, has to go through this. Many very good musical artists have gone on to much better things after their first rejections. Painters too, in fact, anyone who is creative in any way. If you put your work out for anyone to see it, you will receive praise and criticism. Don’t stop.

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