Our writing group reconvened last week, and we read out our ‘homework’, which involved the seven deadly sins. I have to admit to a little cheating, as I’d already had an article on this very subject published a few years back, so I read this out. It had been published in Writers’ Forum, and encouraged all writers to allow their characters to sin, as this is what makes for a compelling story. The other members of the group had various takes on the subject of these sins, so it was an interesting afternoon.

As for the photography group, this morning was a little disappointing. The group had been meaning to reconvene after the Christmas break a fortnight ago, but that meeting was cancelled due to the pressure of work on our leader. This morning I was geared up to go and make a presentation on macro photography, and this meeting was cancelled due to a problem with the key-holder of the hall where we meet. I was a bit miffed, but disappointments are yet another part of life, and after all, it wasn’t serious. Hoping now that the next meeting will go ahead and it will be third time lucky.

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