There are two things it’s said you must do to be a successful writer.You must write every day, and you must read a lot. If you write in a particular genre, it pays to read as much in that genre as you possibly can. If you’re a general writer, with no particular leanings, just read as much as you can, and of course, write as much as you can, then edit later.

It’s all very well, but as you get older, it’s true that time passes much more quickly. If you’re reading, you’re not writing at the same time, and vice versa. You must just learn to manage time better.

I certainly managed to read a lot this morning, as I had to spend over 2 hours in the local surgery. The book I was reading there is part of the research I’m doing for one of my writing projects, so I consider that time well-spent. Nearly finished the article now, so more of that at a later date.

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