At the photography group last week, we touched on the subject of HDR photography. I discovered that this is achieved by taking 3 photos of the same subject with slightly different exposures. It was suggested that my camera would probably do this automatically.

I spent some time studying my hand book later that day, but couldn’t find anything about it, so went onto the Nikon web site and looked there. Nothing that related to my model, so I sent them a query. It seems my camera doesn’t have the facility to do this automatically. However I can still do it manually, using a tripod to ensure that the photographs I take are the same, except for the adjustment to the exposure between each one. Haven’t tried it yet, but I know the theory now.

After they’ve been uploaded onto my computer, I then have to find out how to merge them. This can be achieved easily on Photoshop or Picassa I believe, but I don’t have those, so will try with the programmes I do have. Will let you know when I’ve made some progress with it.

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