Yesterday was the first of the new term for the photography group in the morning. We have several new members, which makes it even more interesting. The more I learn, the more I realise I know so little. Most of the session was planning for each workshop to come, and we’re all looking forward to putting theory into practice once again.

In the afternoon the writing group reconvened. We were expecting two new ladies, but for some reason they didn’t turn up. No doubt we’ll discover why. Those of us who’d done the ‘homework’ read this out; the subject was art, and it’s amazing how many different types of writing there were. Makes for an interesting group, very diverse. After that we had our writing-on-the-spot, the moment which makes my mind go blank. Nevertheless we all managed to write something to read out in the last half hour of the meeting.

As for my articles which I’ve discussed before. Having had the rejection from This England, I decided to return to the first of the magazines which I’d pitched the enquiry at, and simply send it to them as they suggested. I emailed the article, and now have to wait for them to say whether they would like to publish it. It could be months, so I’m continuing with the second one. Still not finished it as I’m doing research while writing it, so it needs the strands pulling together. To be continued, plus other work in the pipeline.

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