My poem ‘Two Initials at the Family Grave – F N’ has been published now in Crystal Magazine. (See my links page.) My magazine arrived yesterday. The poem is there along with a photo of the grave, which is the  grave of Florence Nightingale’s family.

Reading an article in Writing Magazine recently, it seems that so many of the weekly women’s magazines no longer publish short stories. There are a few, but you’d have to read the article to discover who they are. There are also still collections of short stories, such as Take a Break’s Fiction Feast. Some of the magazines which do take short stories will now only accept from established writers, leaving beginners struggling to find a home for their works. It’s a hard life! I suspect the same is true to a large extent for writers of non-fiction articles.

There is only one thing for it. We have to work harder to achieve success, and search out our markets. The one thing we don’t do is to give up. That way you know you’ll not succeed.

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